Winter Workshop 2006

Due to the success of our last workshop at Camp Clayton, Ulverstone, we have decided to
go back for another visit.

Morning Saturday 17th June until 4:00pm Sunday 18th June

Camp Clayton, Ulverston

The 2006 theme was Peter Schmidt's beautiful Firebird.  If you are interested in the Firebird, you can download load the plan from our site, the links provided below, or print out the metric plan on this page.

Graham's Firebird
Graham Gurney's Firebird which took only 5 hours to build.


Schmidts Firebird                     Hans Snoek Firebird

To download the plan, click on the images.  The one on the left, with the two birds, will take Peter Schmidt's original website.  The one on the right will take you to an alternate site that contains some extra information that could be of help.  Both sites are in German but can be easily translated using the following link...

Babelfish Translator

On Peter Schmidt's site, there is an English version of the plan.  Just a word of warning about the plan, unless otherwise stated, on page 2 all the measurements are in inches.  The German plan is in millimetres.  As I have come across a few problems with both the German and English plans I have tried to create an updated metric English plan here for members to download for workshop.  Please let me know if you have any changes to add.

English Metric Plan
(Click on the image to view a high quality printable version)

Below is another site about the Firebird kite
, this time a pictorial journey of making one.  The layout is quite a cool one!  Click on the picture to take you there, but this time don't worry about the translator, this one is in English! :-)

Anders Firebird2

To see a close-up of the "Bird" click here or go to the original webpage here.

Rob Firebird
Rob Brassington's Firebird at Binalong Bay