Membership Profile... Tracey and Robert Brasington

We have been making kites now for about 15 years and run a business called Ground Zero Kites. The core business is making two line steerable kites and as an alternative to that for relaxation we make and fly single line kites and other stuff. Below are some of the projects we have worked on this year and late last year.

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Cellular kites have been the common thread of the design of single line kites and in the past couple of years concentrated on the addition of the tail assemblies to enhance the overall effect. Above are a few of this years cells.

 The Angel concept was started about 3 years ago and we have been developing a range of kites, minimalist in design, plain white and designed to fly low to the ground and ideally in a group. This kite is Archangel, and the third in the series. (only one  a year) I suppose I will retire the concept when all of the 9 orders of angel have been assigned as a kite.

this year has seen a bit of a breakaway for modern kite making fabrics and into the use of modern dress making textiles. The image to the side is a redesigned “serpent” representing specific windows for some of the famous cathedrals of England and Europe. The tails are made for Glass Organza, almost see through, and just magic in the sun.

Last year and this year have been dedicated to kinetic line attachments and they have come in all shapes and sizes. Below are some we have done this year.