Membership Profile... Malcolm "Mal" Dick

My interest in kites goes back to the 1950's.  As a schoolboy, I learnt to fly Indian fighter kites during the course of one wonderful summer school holidays. A police officer, stationed in Devonport, had lived in India, was importing kites, and taught the local kids how to fly them.  For a brief time Indian kites became the rage around my home and the sky above Forbes Street was the battlefield.

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 Like most childhood fads, kites made way for other interests, and it was almost 20 years later that I began again to cultivate my interest in kites.  I'm please to say that interest has stayed with me and developed into enthusiasm.

I have made all types of kites and in the first rush of enthusiasm one experiences when taking up a new hobby; I would see a kite in a book and have to make it.  The more unusual the kite was, the more I felt the need to make and try it out.  Needless to say, many of these kites were less than satisfying and I would discard them and discover another kite to make.

Now I like to make paper and bamboo kites.  I no longer feel the need to make large kites, as bigger is not better and some of my kites are very small.  I get as much satisfaction making a small kite as I do a large one.

Here are a few of the paper and bamboo kites I have made. As you can see, many are heavily influenced by Asian kites, particularly those beautiful creations that come from Japan.